Top Four Tips to Incorporating Wood Furniture in Your Living Room

While we have seen many eras of wood furniture that tell tales of trends and fashion, we are now deeply entrenched in the post-modern period. Wood furniture now has influences of French and English styling, as well as African and Asian too. It now even incorporates metal and plastic.

It might be easy to envision how to incorporate real wood furniture into your bedroom, the dining room, or even your office. However, what about the living room? It is arguably the room you show off the most. It definitely merits the classic look of wood, but while still looking cozy and welcoming. Please see below for our top four tips on how to incorporate wood furniture into your living room.

1. Consider Light

If you think of Victorian homes and how they incorporated wood furniture, you will remember how dark many dwellings were. Homeowners chose dark shades of red, eclectic mixes of dark walnut furniture and thick, heavy drapes. While it might have made Victorian era homes appear more comfortable, it was anything but light, bright and spacious.

Therefore, when you decide it’s time to revitalize your living room, it’s crucial to think of light. How much sunlight does the area get, if any at all? What color are the walls? If your surroundings are dark, you’re best to focus on light wood furniture that complements the dark colors rather than blends in with them.

Metric Rocking Chair and Metric Side Table by Casa Suarez

2. Be Selective

When you decide to include more wood furniture in your living space, it’s crucial to take a step back and plan your attack. It’s all too easy to go into any wood furniture showroom and purchase everything you see, even if it’s not going to suit. There is such a thing as too much wood.

Instead, you may wish to select one wood type and one style and run with that instead. In fact, you may even like to stick with one manufacturer so you can ensure all your furniture will match. Casa Suarez features collections of the same wood type, allowing you to choose from a variety of complementary pieces.

3. Combine Function with Fashion

Traditional Victorian homes were expansive. You would have a single, large room for dining, another spacious room for living, then several other equally as generous rooms as libraries, drawing rooms, and ballrooms. Today, however, our homes are a little more compact. Furniture that once looked small in a drawing room now takes up much of the average American living room. Even if you like that 16-seater dining table, think before you act. If you have nowhere to put sizeable wooden furniture, then maybe look for something a little more suitable for your home.

Save space by choosing a coffee table that also features ample storage space. You can also opt for furniture, that is narrow but tall. A bookcase like the Zen Rosewood Shelving Unit does not take up much floor space, but offers a great deal of storage space.

Mango Wood Retro TV Stand by Casa Suarez

4. Keep Safe with High-Quality Options

If you don’t plan on buying from a quality wood furniture supplier, then be careful about the wood furniture you buy. Shopping at garage sales and thrift stores may seem cost-effective at first glance, but you don’t know where that furniture has been. Has the previous owner had a problem with wood-boring insects? The last thing you want to do is bring new pests into your home.

Beetles, carpenter ants, wood wasps, moths, and carpenter bees can all cause significant problems for homeowners. For your family and home’s safety, it’s a good idea to choose wood furniture from reputable sellers rather than backyard garage sales.

Choosing wood furniture for your living room can be an exciting experience. You get to create a unique space. Browse Casa Suarez's unique collections of wood furniture; become inspired and ready to transform your living room!