5 Ways to Add Color to Your Home

There’s no denying that one of the most popular interior design trends of today is a clean, minimalist, look. While beige, white, steel and black all look striking in any home, sometimes you really want a burst of color to brighten your world – and your house.

If you’re tired of your home looking like a cold hospital ward, here are five easy ways to add a burst of color to your home. Take a look at the ones you think would best fit your personal style and space.

1. Add Color with Textiles

Rather than go a little crazy by painting all of your walls bright pink, or spending thousands of dollars buying all new colorful furniture, you can give your home a healthy dose of rainbow with textiles. Textiles can refer to anything fabric in your home you can remove and adapt to the changing of the seasons. Throw pillows are a perfect example of how to add color to your home, as are rugs and curtains.

You can swap out those docile shades of beige for vibrant blues and pinks or go all out with a yellow throw pillow against a stark white sofa. The options are endless for how textiles can transform any area of your home.  

Lavendar Square Cushion by Casa Suarez

2. Bring a Pop of Color with a Feature Wall

While cloud whites and stirling smokes are most interior designers “go to” paint colors for a contemporary home, there’s no reason why a burst of color wouldn’t be welcome. Of course, the essence of a modern home is a seamless, clean look. However, most houses will have a wall that’s just waiting for a splash of color to reinvigorate the entire room.  

If your living room, for example, is lacking on the color front, then consider adding wallpaper or paint to one wall. Even a pastel green coupled with pastel accessories can give your living area or bedroom a whole new look.

3. Focus on Vibrant Décor to add Color

With beige, gray, and white taking over your home, it’s all too easy to want to complement the colors with similar tones, rather than remember the adage that “opposites attract.”

For example, a neutral wall with a mushroom color looks beautiful when accompanied by vibrant red throw pillows or a red rug. While it can be hard to believe that such a bold color would work with a calming color palette, it’s an exceptional combination.

Add some colour with a bright rug

4. Use Florals to Color Your Decor

If you’re not sure that adding color permanently is the right move to make, then temporary bursts of color can be equally as effective. Take a trip to your garden and gather a small bouquet of bright flowers. Make the effect especially stunning by placing them in a vibrant vase. Theses flowers will add both a delightful burst of color, and a beautiful aroma.

Not so sure about flowers? Other plants work just as well to add some green to your home. The natural green works especially well against whites and natural wood colors.

5. Color Your Walls with Art

Wall art is an exceptionally effective way of breaking up dull walls in the larger area of your home while creating talking points as well. Even if you’re not much of an art connoisseur, you are sure to find the perfect piece that both adds color and ties into your home décor beautifully.

The best part is, adding art to your home is also an opportunity to educate yourself as well. You can find local pieces and support artists in your community, all the while learning about different styles that suit your home’s overall look.

Temple Dawn by Casa Suarez

Adding color to your home doesn’t have to be a significant undertaking. It also doesn’t have to be a permanent addition. Take the time to think about décor that will suit your home, and add bursts of color you can alter as trends and fashions change.