Top 4 Tips for Adding Vintage Décor to your Home

Vintage decor is making a comeback, as everything old becomes new again. Vintage furniture and styles are making an appearance in home decor for a number of reasons. The classic feel of real wood furniture is essentially the "little black dress" of the decor world.

The intricate workmanship, the fine details, these are part of makes vintage decor so interesting. "Vintage" is also a broad term. It could mean the industrial looks of the 1970's or perhaps the more intricate Victorian-style leathers. Regardless of which part of the past is inspiring your decor, Casa Suarez has top tips to incorporate vintage pieces into your home.

1. Balance is Everything

The reason why vintage décor and wood furniture looked so good in homes previously is that it matched the decade of the house. Today, however, incorporating that same vintage décor into a house that’s quite obviously newer is all the more challenging. Therefore, it’s crucial to pay attention to the rules of balance.

Instead of going full steam ahead with vintage décor on its own, or wood furniture on its own, how about focusing on striking a healthy balance between two different themes, so they complement your home’s modern styling?

For example, you can enhance your contemporary décor and incorporate vintage accessories. Or, you can use antique décor with modern accessories. Why not add modern chairs around a vintage table? Or use vintage lighting and accessories in a strikingly modern office? Your aim should be to incorporate vintage décor, not turn back the clock.

2. Choose a Theme

Vintage furniture can be classed as anything from a particular era – be it the 1960s, 1970s, or even the 1930s. Back then, homeowners focused on filling their home with furniture from specific furniture makers as they often tied in well together. Today’s décor is no different – whether you’re looking for vintage décor or contemporary décor.

You need to be sure of your theme, or your home can look more confused than vintage. Just as you would try to buy wood furniture all made of the same looking wood, try to buy vintage furniture that is either part of a collection, or all looks the same. The Seventy's Collection, by Casa Suarez, is an excellent example of this with pieces inspired by the 1970's and updated for modern comfort.

Seventy's Couch by Casa Suarez

3. Less is More

When you decide to incorporate vintage décor into your home, it’s all too easy to get excited and then go shopping for everything "vintage." Rather than risk ending up on an episode of Hoarders, it’s crucial to be very selective with your pieces. Find out the exact styling you are after, then hunt for those pieces that can tie the whole vintage décor theme together. Otherwise, you may just end up with an eclectic mix of vintage furniture that doesn’t actually have any place in your home.

We are living in the midst of a tiny house revolution, where everyone is encouraged to live a less materialistic lifestyle. While you might be transforming your home into a vintage paradise, it doesn’t mean you have to pack your house full of side tables, dusty books, and lamp shades. Focus your attention on bold, beautiful pieces that say a lot all on their own, and focus less on clutter for the sake of "appearing vintage."

4. Learn the Difference Between Vintage and Old

Vintage décor, as a theme, is really taking off. But, maybe it’s taking off a little too well. Rather than opting for collections and high-quality furniture, some people are finding furniture that just looks old, taking it into their homes and calling it vintage.

While there are hidden treasures to be found at garage sales and thrift stores, not everything old you find will be vintage. Before you go ahead and rejuvenate your home, please do your research. Chairs and couches do not age as well as tables do. For these pieces, choose a modern collection inspired by the bygone eras. It will add a vintage element to your room while looking fresh.

Vintage Dresser 6 Drawers by Casa Suarez

Vintage décor can make any house look warm, cozy, and most of all, edgy. However, putting old furniture into your home isn’t going to grant you photo rights in the latest interior design magazine. Following the four rules above, and mixing vintage and modern pieces, will give you a good start. If you would like some more help on how to make your interior decor pop, please get in touch with our design team, who would be delighted to help.