Casa Suarez Showroom in Montreal

Welcome to Casa Suárez, where you will find collections of wooden furniture made by expert artisans from around the world.

In a world more connected than ever, Casa Suárez offers the experience of distant destinations in a tangible way. For those with a passion for travel in their hearts, this is the opportunity to fill their spaces with pieces from all over the world. The unique collections combine Shabby Chic and Bohemian styles with modern design elements. Each handmade piece is infused with the care of an artist and the intrigue of an exotic place.

When it comes to furniture, using real, quality wood makes a huge difference in the look, feel, and structural integrity of the piece. Natural wood is beautiful and complements any design theme, from classic to modern styles. Casa Suárez is proud to offer collections in a variety of woods, harvested sustainably. With items available in Acacia, Mango, Rosewood and Teak, it's easy to find the ideal piece to complete a space.

The differences in grain, weight, and color between the different species of wood also allow you to choose the artisans who create these exciting collections. When a talented craftsman is able to infuse their crafts into a piece of furniture, it adds a sense of refinement to a room. The work of these artisans shows the beauty of natural wood, the passion of true artisans, and is set with the distinctive aspects of the various countries from which these artisans and their pieces originate.

We encourage you to explore our collection and bring a little piece of the world home with you.