Spring Decor Ideas You Need to Try This Year

The sweet smell of spring is in the air, and if you’re still shaking off the dark cloak of winter, you’ll want to do it quickly. The snow is melting, the soup pot is put away for another year, and it’s time to start looking for spring décor ideas to give your home a fresh look for the months ahead. If the time has come to both lift your spirits and your home’s appearance, consider any of these home décor ideas for spring below.

Spring Decor Idea #1 - Add a Splash of Colour

Colour my world with sunshine yellow each day…

When the first signs of spring are showing, it’s time to jump into action and take advantage of all those spring décor ideas you see on Pinterest. Utilize pastels like there’s no tomorrow, cover your home in vibrant springtime flowers, and invest in wall art that both adds vibrancy to your home and your mood.

Colour, particularly green and yellow, has been scientifically proven to make you happier, so lift the winter cloak of darkness and ensure your home is as colorful and as vibrant as it can be. You never know, this new kind of home décor may just be the very beginning of a new you.

A Fresh Day by Casa Suarez: A perfect addition to your Spring decor.

Spring Decor Idea #2 - Throw Around Some Pillows

Throw pillows aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you’re looking for the best spring décor ideas to enhance your home for the warmer months, they do feature highly on the list. Not only can pillows liven up furniture that may be past its use-by date, but it also adds comfort to wood furniture, and adds a sense of atmosphere to any space.

The best part is, there is an abundance of options on the market, so you’re never short of patterns and colours from which to choose.

Spring Decor Idea #3 - Add Some Key Furniture Pieces

Whether you’re thinking about a spring clean or you’re looking to change your entire home’s décor, why not start by changing your furniture? We don’t mean you should go ahead and rack up a substantial bill to kit out your entire house, but we do mean it’s timely to choose a select few pieces you just love that will enhance your home. Wood furniture is hot this spring, so selecting centerpieces for each room will completely change the atmosphere.

Opt for a new dining table that takes a place of pride in your dining room. Or why not transform your entrance with a side table and a beautiful vase of spring flowers? Purchasing just a few pieces of wood furniture can transform your home from a wintry dungeon into a spring beauty.

Astoria Dining Table by Casa Suarez: brighten up your dining room this Spring!

Spring Decor Idea #4 - Embrace Your Green Thumb

Nothing screams spring louder than having an eclectic mix of clay pots gracing each corner or surface of your home. Whether you have a green finger or not, potted plants are so easy to maintain – especially if their very presence in your home helps you to remember to water them.

What’s more, there are so many different pots to choose from which have a spring vibe, or why not decorate your own? Once you’ve selected your pot to match your home décor, then you can go crazy with planting spring plants such as viola or pansy. 

Spring Decor Idea #5 - Spring into Shabby Chic

While some trends die a quick death, others linger, get stronger, appear in home and garden magazines for a number of years, and just don’t seem to date. The home décor trend 'shabby chic’ is one of those trends.

Where previously old pieces of furniture were thrown in the trash, interior decorators and those looking to change up their home décor are specifically looking for these worn and tired pieces. Shabby chic furniture consists of aged, worn, or near-broken furniture that’s showing signs of better days. It either already is in this condition or is a new piece that has been distressed to appear old.

Such is the strength of this trend that opulent, soft, cottage-style wood furniture can be found in almost every book of spring décor ideas. Shabby chic furniture may just create a sense of spring in your home.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor; a lasting decor theme

It won't be long until the dark and gloomy days of winter are replaced with the crisp and colourful mornings of Spring. With the official start of Spring set to March 20, there’s no time like the present to try out any of these spring décor ideas and get the ball rolling.