5 Helpful Hints for Spring Cleaning

Spring is upon us, and thousands of people around the world are arming themselves with cleaning products ready to get started. Spring cleaning may not seem like the most fun of activities, but once it’s over, it’s more than satisfying to look around and see what you’ve achieved. If you’re looking to make this spring clean the best one yet, consider any of these five helpful hints below.

Sell, Donate, Throw Away

As you’re working your way around your home - spring cleaning every nook and cranny - it’s a good idea to carry around three separate labeled trash bags or boxes. One labeled sell, one donate, and the other, throw out. It has been a year since your last spring clean, and you will be amazed at the items you can accumulate over this time. Once you’ve cleaned each room, you’re sure to have filled at least one bag or box.

Invest in Additional Storage

We all have items and knick-knacks such as family heirlooms or expensive ornaments we’d prefer not to throw away. However, sitting gathering dust and taking up space, they are less than practical for the clean area you’re trying to achieve. If you want to keep your relics nearby, but don’t want them on show, consider investing in additional storage units that keep your items safe yet hidden. There is an abundance of options available such as wood furniture or even plastic. The best part is, there are plenty of designs and styles to suit your current home’s decor.

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Don’t Forget the Beds 

During your spring cleaning session, it’s easy to forget about the beds. You might just change the sheets and call it a job well done, but it doesn’t end there. During spring cleaning, it’s a good idea to flip mattresses, air them out, and wash underlays. You could even go one step further by cleaning all linen that has been stored for future use.

A Good Reason to Upgrade

Over time, furniture and homeware can become worn out and tired. While it’s all too easy to soldier on with what you’ve got, patching and repairing with each new mark or scrape, it might be time to retire that old wood furniture. Use spring cleaning as your opportunity to upgrade. As such, it might be time to update items such as tableware and living room furniture. How nice would it feel to not only have a clean space but new furniture to complete the picture?

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The Forgotten Area

Spring cleaning is typically carried out in the home. You gather the family, usually against their will, and arm them with cleaning spray and wipes to help you get the home spick and span. However, the garage is often neglected. Considered the cemetery for broken toys and old furniture, it’s a space that’s desperately crying out for a decent clean. Assign a family member that space and add a sense of organization to an otherwise forgotten area.

There is no time like the present to get started. Get the scrubbing brush out, update your furniture, and prepare your home for another year of living.