Four Reasons Why Your Home Needs Wall Art

Nothing turns a standard house into a welcoming home as effectively as wall art and home décor do, but not everyone knows why it’s crucial to hit the stores in search of the perfect piece. It’s all well and good to add a vase to your dining table, or tempered glass wall art to the living room wall, but why do it? What is it actually adding to your home? More than you would think. Here are four reasons why your home desperately needs wall art.

1. It Sets the Mood in a Room

If you want your living room to look inviting, comfortable and warm, then nothing can achieve that better than wall art. If your walls are sterile gray with no artwork or color, your guests will feel the opposite of comfortable, even if the look you’re going for is contemporary. By incorporating a vibrant, colorful piece of wall art into your living room, you can turn a space from drab to fab, achieving that goal of comfort in the process.  

Painted Smiles - Wall Art by Casa Suarez

2. It Allows You to Show Off Your Personality

Are you a bright and vivacious person and you want your home to reflect that? Then include wall art, and make sure it’s both what you love, and what works. Home décor is as essential as the paint or paper, and wall art – whether it’s photography or a painting, can give guests an accurate depiction of you as a person.

If you’re fiery, full of life and love colors that pop, then home décor such as this wall art could most certainly reflect that.

Tiger Dream Painting - Wall Art by Casa Suarez

3. It Allows You to Keep Your Wall Color Neutral

When you move into a new house, you instantly want to make it a home. However, don’t pick up the paintbrush just yet. While of course, your new home is a blank canvas, that doesn’t mean you have to go and paint every room a different color to show guests that you like vibrancy. Resale value of your property can be dramatically affected by your eagerness to show your zeal for life. Instead, by choosing home décor such as photography or wall art, you can make an area pop with color without even opening a tin of paint. Keep your space neutral, and bring it to life with colorful wall art.

Sunset at Taj Mahal - Wall Art by Casa Suarez

4. It Creates a Focal Point

Big, striking pieces of wall art can add a focal point to any room. If you have space above your mantelpiece in the living room or a bare wall above your bed, why not incorporate a beautiful piece of wall art or photography into the area? It can make any ordinary space look striking. Just remember, always keep home décor in proportion to the available area. A large, imposing piece can make a room look smaller, and vice versa.   

Home décor is essential, but even more so are wall art and photography. While a neutral color palette is on-trend, it can be drab. Why not spice up your home with a beautiful piece of artwork?