How To Furnish Your Apartment To Rent it And Make Money!

Casa Suarez has partnered up with to help them put the “furnished” in furnished apartments. Luckily our selection of unique exotic wood furniture isn’t exclusively reserved for international accommodations. So allow us to show you how to furnish your apartment with Casa Suarez.

We invite you to take a page from the playbook, and explore the wonders of South Asian inspired luxury for your own home. The smell of raw Indian rosewood greets your nose before you ever walk into the room. Once inside your eyes catch up to what your nose already knows, this furniture is not from IKEA.

Our goal is to allow you to express yourself through your furniture with eye-catching designs that, while sophisticated, are never pretentious. Take our Jayah bed for example, carved from the most beautiful of Indian rosewood. Our carpenters were able to transform nature into a work of art.

The importance of family and friends is not lost on us, and that appreciation is engrained in every fibre of our living room collection. Dinner tables made from Acacia wood carry with them the earthy texture from the Indian soil in which they grew. And the story of that wood is perfect for breaking bread with those you love.

Relaxing at the end of a long day is essential to a healthy life. So in an effort to help you achieve Nirvana, we recommend our collection of decorative accessories. A sitting sandstone Buddha brings serenity into any room, while our free form iPad stand relieves clutter and stress.

The best feature of Casa Suarez furniture isn’t the gorgeous, raw wood, nor is it the handwork that went into their creation. It’s its adaptability to any interior design style. While still standing out in any environment, our beds, tables, chairs, cabinets, and decor will help you communicate your identity without ever saying a word. Ideal for how to furnish your apartment.

Over the years you’ve amassed a sizeable collection of books, so why not treat them with the prestige. The knowledge kept in those pages deserve the very best display, and our Cayenne bookshelf fits that description.

While most furniture is drowned in metal and plastic, our pieces are almost entirely exempt of both. When they are present, they are stylistically woven through the wood, intentionally casting a contrast against the raw Indian wood.

Even just one statement piece can carry an entire room, especially when it’s hanging from your ceiling in full view. Our beautiful perforated lamps, both hanging and standing, don’t simply light up a room. They illuminate the area with an aura that brings with it the comforts of home. Yet at the same time  they manage to drop jaws with their intricate and delicate designs. But don’t be fooled, they come with the strength and the durability you can expect from Casa Suarez.

But don’t take our word for it, take a moment to explore our selection of exotic wood furnishings! Or pass by our store in Panama City and see our collection first-hand.

While one piece compliments a room, a bedroom or dining set compliments your life. The energy you create at home is carried around with you throughout the day. So make sure you treat yourself to the most luxurious of Indian wood furniture. And that is how to furnish your apartment with Casa Suarez.