2017 Exotic Wood Furniture Trends

From year to year, interior design trends tend to shift from one aesthetic to another. As 2016 comes to an end, we begin to shift away from minimalist impersonal decor and enter the realm of comfort and warmth. Get excited, 2017 is the year of exotic wood furniture. To keep you up to date, here are the exotic wood furniture trends you need to know for 2017.

Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 1: Contrast Light Walls

exotic wood furniture

With 2016’s design trends leaning towards pastel interiors, 2017’s biggest trend is incorporating exotic wood furniture to set a contrast. White walls and light pastel coloured walls brighten up a room, and a dark exotic wood reinvigorates it. Take for instance our Acacia slim dining table paired with a metal base and rosewood accents.

Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 2: Light The Way

exotic wood furniture

Exotic wood furniture trends will be making their way into every corner of your home. Not only in cabinets but overhead as well, in the form of exotic wood chandeliers. It can add a touch of life to a dead room, or bring your already existing decor together.

Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 3: Incorporating your 2016 Look

exotic wood furniture

Don’t think of it as recycling your old things, but rather, evolving your look! The past few years have seen an increase in minimalistic design and a post-modern aesthetic. Incorporate those elements into your new Zen Bookshelf or Antic Cabinet. The meshing of both styles will liven up any room.


Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 4: Cater to Royalty

exotic wood furniture

Sleep is often the most undervalued gift. In 2017, Flip that script and open yourself up to the world of exotic wood furniture in the form of a gorgeous Indian Rosewood bed. Its strong lustrous frame evokes powerful images of royalty while at the same time offering incomparable comfort.


Exotic Wood Furniture Trend 5: The Modern Cottage

exotic wood furniture

The comfort of the cottage is something many seek to escape to every year. But what if you could import that feeling of relaxation into your home? This exotic wood furniture trend has already been picking up in popularity as more and more people are going for a rustic cottage look. However rustic, keep your look modern, our Coffee Table with Wheels does just that.