Creating a Beautiful, Productive Workspace in Every Home Away from Home

As we welcome the first days of fall with an open heart, we can’t help but picture a thousand potential changes that we could make to turn our indoors and outdoors into cozier, more soothing environments.

How to Turn a Part of a Hotel Room into an Inviting, Purpose-Driven Workspace

This task may be straightforward and incredibly rewarding when it comes to rethinking your at-home office; however, turning a corner of your hotel or b&b room into an attractive and efficient workspace can be quite a challenge, especially when you can’t count on versatile, multifaceted furniture pieces that are extremely easy to work with. Nonetheless, resort owners who wish to recreate an optimal working environment for all their clients can turn their dreams into reality by following some of the suggestions listed below.

Add Quality Furniture Pieces Ensuring a Higher Level of Comfort

We can tell you from experience that some of the most desirable pieces of furniture for any type of space are the ones that reflect the perfect balance between function and form. Furniture pieces that are truly outstanding will enchant the eye of room occupants, while also allowing them to sit back and relax after a long, exhausting day.
Just picture a stunning Barani Desk or a lovely Aiden Desk paired with a minimalist Sean Chair or a luxurious Tamarai chair, revealing a perfect mix of natural wood, hand-hammered studs and soft, luxurious gray leather. Aside from taking any interior décor a few steps up in terms of look and ambiance, these classic pieces will also give vacationers the chance to maintain the most appropriate posture while working, and keep their stress levels in check whilst staying focused on their daily projects.

Seventy’s Coffee Table Medium – By Casa Suarez

Eliminate Distractions

Ideally, one should start the redesign process of any type of indoor space by reevaluating the looks and purpose of each room in need of changes. For instance, each vacationer who will have to catch up on work during his or her holiday will require a clear desk to complete daily assignments. They will also need a comfortable, sturdy chair, a few cabinets with drawers where they could store office supplies and necessary equipment, and maybe even a small sofa where they could enjoy a nap or meditate for a few minutes to regain their balance.

While listing all the necessary furniture pieces that any hotel room should comprise to become an efficient workspace, one should think about potential furniture placement options meant to accommodate the basic needs, goals and habits of any occupant. By opting for a minimalist design and a few selected basic furniture pieces with a high practical and aesthetic value, resort owners could prevent clutter and give guests the chance to keep their working space properly organized around the clock without too much effort.

Go in Favor of Natural Materials

These days, more and more interior decorators go in favour of natural materials that make a delightful first impression due to their sturdiness and raw beauty. Therefore, consider following this trend and upgrade any type of home away from home by adding durable, agelessly beautiful furnishings that comprise one or more natural elements, such as wood and stone. A stone fireplace or a large desk made of reclaimed wood can be the perfect central piece of a welcoming hotel room that your guests could also use as an elegant, practical study. Also, don’t forget to invest in chic storage options, such as the amazing locker style desk made of recycled wood and metal harvested from old fishing boats introduced by Casa Suarez. This unique piece could be the sole addition that you need in your life to avoid clutter and turn any hotel room into a cleaner, properly organized space.

Each powerful, positive transformation starts with one-of-a-kind furnishings with a story. Therefore, don’t forget to check out the ample selection of Casa Suarez furniture pieces and accessories designed to upgrade any hotel, b&b or resort room into an oasis of relaxation, and bring your accommodation options closer to becoming soothing homes away from home, suitable for both work and play.

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