How to Create Your Own Man Cave

After a hard day at work, sometimes all a man wants to do is to come home, grab a cold beverage, and relax. If you’ve got spare time up your sleeve and the garage is a blank canvas, it might be the time to start working on that man cave of yours.

Here are a few ways to get started and create the ultimate refuge of your dreams.

Invest in Bar Furniture

No man cave is complete without bar furniture, but it can be challenging to know where to begin. While you can swipe a few kitchen stools from the house and pretend they’re bar stools, they aren’t going to have that authentic ‘bar’ feel. 

When you know where to look, you’re sure to find there are options aplenty for bar furniture to complete the package. From authentic bar stools and bar carts, through to sideboards and tables, there are plenty of industrial-feel bar furniture items that are sure to turn your space into the perfect man cave.

Bar Cart For Man Cave

Don’t Forget Lighting

When you walk into a bar, your senses are heightened to the lighting arrangements. Rather than opt for one dull light, you can make your man cave a more authentic bar experience with an eclectic mix of lighting. Lamps will look striking on any surface, while a feature light is sure to focus on your favorite feature of the room (like pool table to play a game with your friends).

Lightning for Man Cave

Get Creative

Nothing says ‘man cave’ more effectively than a sense of nostalgia from old signage or artwork. Whether it’s a vintage Coke sign or an image of a lion hunting a zebra, you’ll find that both can transform an empty space into a relaxing paradise for a man and his friends. You don't have to search for original artwork that costs hundreds of dollars. Instead, acrylic wall arts are a great alternative, meaning you can decorate your room at a fraction of the cost.

Invest in Shelving

No man cave or bar is complete without a display shelving. Whether you want to show off your toy collection that your wife won’t let in the house, or fancy bottles you want to show to your friends, you’ll find that shelving is a must. If you have nowhere to install shelving, you can often find industrial-style bookcases that may also look equally as inviting. Shelving is also essential for housing drinking glasses, sports memorabilia, and anything else you feel will add to your man cave experience.

Entertain The Family

While a man cave aims to be somewhere the household man goes to relax away from the “women folk” it can also be a hive of activity for family and friends. If you decide to invite a few people over for a football game, you may want to purchase a pool table, darts, or foosball. Having an “activity center” can provide that much-needed focal point your friends need to stick around that little bit longer.

Casa Suarez Man Cave

If you have a spare room or a garage that gets very little use, then it might be time to put a plan into action. Anyone can have a man cave, and it can provide hours of entertainment and peace for the man who wants to spend a little time on his own.