Become Your Own Home Designer with Casa Suarez

Home is where the heart is, but sometimes if you don’t put some love into your home design, it will not be the comfortable and welcoming place you want it to be. 

If you’re tired of feeling like your space has so much wasted potential, then it’s time to put on your designer hat and get creative. Here’s how you become a home design expert with Casa Suarez.

Become Your Own Home Designer: Add Tasteful Furniture

Every home has at least one piece of furniture that proves to be functional but not tasteful. When your house is lacking personality, it’s crucial to start looking for furniture that’s both trendy and functional. You can quickly become a master of home design by selecting the right pieces that will suit your kingdom.

For example, an antique-looking furniture can stand out from your conventional furniture, or why not add a touch of urban style to your space? The sky is the limit when revamping your home.

Become Your Own Home Designer: Accessorize

Having a coffee table and a sofa in your living area is not going to be enough to have that modern decor you dream of. Why not adding some gorgeous accessories that will give life to any room in your home?

Modern Accessories

From vases, mirrors, frames to magazine holders, there are so many ways in which you can improve your home design. Any large piece of furniture is a white canvas waiting for an extra touch to bring life to your home. Rest assured that the smallest of items can often have the most significant impact. A personal object will often reflect your personality, so don't be afraid to try and avoid having a magazine copied room.

Become Your Own Home Designer: Rug Up

Choosing a rug to your home can be one of the best home design decisions you ever make. However, there is a right and wrong way to go about it. Not only you need to pay attention to the colour, but you also need to take note of the size. You have to make sure the rug is going to be large enough for the room you’re putting it in, but not so large as to almost become a new carpet.

You will be surprised with how many home design rules there are surrounding the use of rugs. When you’ve done your research, it’s time to go shopping.

Become Your Own Home Designer: Add a Splash of Color

To start off on the right foot with your new home design ideas, consider using some colour. Contemporary homes typically embrace neutral palettes such as grey, white, and beige, but they also need a burst of colour to break the monochromatic set up.

You can either select some bright and beautiful accessories, opt for some vibrant wall art, or even consider a feature wall. Just be sure to use complementary colours. For example, if you have a blue feature wall, an orange vase will draw attention to the object and bring an extra vibrancy to your room.

How To Become Your Own Home Designer

Learning new home design skills and becoming your own home designer is not that complicated. You just need to have a good eye for details. So start easy by adding some accessories and soon you will become a pro! But if you still think you need some help, come to our store! We can help you add stylish touches to your home.