How to Create a Sense of Bigger Spaces

Not everyone is a home decoration expert and sometimes decorating a small space can be challenging. You can try to fit in the furniture that you already have, but this can cost you a lot of space.  

It’s essential for your home to be functional, but it doesn’t mean you have to do it at the expense of your home’s overall style. Whether you’re battling with a small room or a smaller than average house, you will find there are countless home decoration tips to overcome these challenges.

Check out our helpful hints below to create a sense of bigger spaces.

Be Smart with Storage

Almost anything in your home can double up as a storage facility for small items; you just have to be smart with your furniture choices. You can opt for TV units with inbuilt drawers, and even beds with drawers underneath. Sometimes the footstool you use with your armchair to relax at night can become a place in which to store the remote, magazines, and other living room items.

When you’re considering home decoration options for small rooms, find out what furniture you can incorporate that can be both functional and with a good taste.

 Bigger Spaces Storage

Less is More

If you happen to be downsizing to a smaller property, you will immediately realize all your prized possessions are not going to fit into the same space. And, that’s okay.

Rather than make them fit, understand that the “less is more” adage is entirely accurate. Focus on what works with your home and get ruthless with what you throw away. Do you really need that eight-seater dining table? Or, would a smaller, sleeker four-seater work better in that space?

Bigger Spaces Dinning Set

Master the Mirror

One of the best home decoration tips that is proving to be a winner in the tiny home revolution is the use of mirrors. Your home could be cramped beyond belief, but if you incorporate mirrors - and plenty of them - they can add a new dimension of space you didn’t think was possible.

Mirrors are fundamental to add the ilusion of a bigger space without touching the internal dimensions of the property.

Bigger Spaces Mirrors

Be Proportionate

Believe it or not, including artwork and rugs in your home can be more of a math equation than a design element. If you choose the wrong size art or rug, it can make your home appear far smaller than it is, or even draw attention to its compact size.

With rugs, you can go one of two ways. Go for larger if it means you can set the rug underneath furniture, or smaller if you are using it to separate sections of one room. Artwork should follow the eye level rule unless it’s sitting slightly above other furniture.

Bigger Spaces Wall-Art

Lighter and Brighter

One of the most effective home decoration tips for creating the illusion of space is by opting for furniture and home decor which is light and bright.

White may give the essence of cleanliness, but in a small room or area, it can often add a sense of space which is far more important. In small bedrooms, make sure you include a light tone bed and dressers made of soft tone wood or even white lighting.

Bigger Spaces Brighter and Lighter

Home decoration can be easier than you thought if you take the time to think outside of the box. Instead of focusing on the furniture you have, why not think about the furniture you need? Often, going with your property’s requirements as opposed to trying to work with what you have can make all the difference to the final result. You will be amazed at how a few home decor changes can transform your home and create a sense of bigger spaces.

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