Home Decoration According To Your Zodiac Sign

Not everyone is a firm believer in astrology, but each of the 12 Zodiac signs has its own strengths, weaknesses, likes and surprisingly a home decoration style!

What does yours say about you? Check out our tips below and tell us if it’s true or not.


Modernism and futuristic is what makes up the home of an Aquarius. Quick to leave the past behind, they focus more on the up-and-coming style pieces as opposed to antique furniture and old trends. The home decoration of an Aquarius features high-end wall-art and bare hardwood floors. They also aren’t too fussy about clutter, preferring to enjoy their home rather than put it on show.

Aquarius love vibrant hues and the colors of the ocean, like blue, violet, indigo and salmon. As an air sign, they prefer a roomy space with lots of ventilation, too. Sunlight, big windows, plants and a kitchen with hanging pots create the airy feeling of space they crave.


Home Decoration Aquarius


Pisces feel a lot of emotions, and as a result, they pride themselves on being able to turn a house into a haven to cope with them. A quiet room for meditation or music is probably their favourite place in the house, with natural fibres such as cotton pillows and perfect lighting for moments of relaxation.

You will often find that they take pride in life’s little conveniences, as well as making their house one of comfort and rejuvenation. Their home decoration skills focus more on comfort as opposed to style.

Home Decoration Pisces


If you have a friend or family member who oozes enthusiasm and vibrancy but also has a red-hot temper, then there’s every possibility they are an Aries. Aside from their personality, you can normally pick out an Aries by their choice of home decoration.

Bright colors feature strongly, as does vibrant wall art. Warrior Aries has a naturally competitive spirit. They love to decorate with symbols of their conquests, or whatever motivates them for life’s battles.

As Aries rules the mind, sometimes they need to unwind and blow off excess energy. A painting studio or yoga room are perfect for them.

Home Decoration Aries


Tauruses like to keep things simple and don’t have a lot of time for “flowery” home decoration if it means it’s going to look a little over the top. They are more practical, and since they like continuity and routine, they are not that open to changes in home decoration.

To Taurus, comfort is as important as style. Home is synonymous with lounging, so their bed is one of their most special home decoration items.

However, even though Taurus like to keep things simple, they also don’t like to throw anything away. As a result, you tend to find plenty of bookcases in the house and cabinets to store all their objects.

Home Decoration Taurus


Geminis are very artistic people, and this shines through in their home decoration choices as well. They crave variety and often can’t settle on a specific style for very long. It’s very rare to come across a Gemini’s home without eclectic prints, color, and accents.

They love to receive people at home, so a vibrant entertaining space full of places to seat and socialize is definitely their trademark.

Home Decoration Gemini


People with Cancer as their star sign can be quite conservative in both their nature and their home decoration. While their homes are generally beautiful, they tend to stick to subtle and sobering colors such as beige, cream, and white.

A Cancer home decoration is full of sentimental objects like family pictures in traditional leather frames. A large, rustic table is a great way to gather friends for a fun night at home.

Home Decoration Cancer


Leos like to stand out from the crowd, with collections of furniture and home decoration that are unique and very much “them.” While it may not be to everyone’s tastes, Leo’s home decoration decision is something that other people can often not play a part in. Stubborn yet decisive is how you would describe a Leo.

A Leo’s home will be decorated with golden accessories, such as a pineapple that shines as much as them, stylish mirrors and modern spacious sofas for their guests to seat while drinking a glamorous cocktail.

Home Decoration Leo


If you come across a Virgo with a house in disarray, then it’s definitely out of the ordinary, or they no longer live there! The sign that tends toward perfectionism most is Virgo, whose home is clean, orderly, and Zen-like.

They store everything neatly, have a love affair with containers, and love nothing more than seeing items slotted away behind closed doors to remove clutter.

Home Decoration Virgo


Libras are ruled by Venus, the beauty planet, and love a stylish and elegant home filled with beautiful objects. With an expensive taste, Libras will pay the price as long as it is of high-quality and glamorous. Whenever you walk into the home of a Libra, you always feel welcome.

Because the home normally has a touch of class and sophistication coupled with comfort, you often find yourself drawn to a comfortable classic sofa, or a minimalist coffee table in the center of the living room. The aesthetic appeal of a Libra’s home is powerful!

Home Decoration Libra


A private sign, Scorpio can be a homebody who likes to lock the doors, pull down the blinds and chill at home. Unlike other signs, you don’t mind being alone. In fact, you savor it. Your house is a retreat from the outside world. You love to read, write in your journal or experiment in the kitchen. Scorpios need a sanctuary where they can unwind mentally and physically.

Scorpio home decor communicates power. They do so by adding high-quality furniture, a perfect paint job and simple but striking textures.

Home Decoration Scorpio


Sagittarius are versatile and love adventure and the unknown. They have an open mind to new ideas, experiences and maintain an optimistic attitude.

Their home decoration translates this adventurous spirit with Indonesian buddhas and furniture with a touch of nature. They are the best at creating harmony and adding pieces of the world to their home decoration.

Home Decoration Sagittarius


Capricorn is one of the most stable, safe and calm signs of the zodiac. They are workers, responsible, practical and willing to persist until necessary to achieve their objective. Their home decorations couldn’t be different.

Walking into the home of a Capricorn is like walking into a professionally staged house. A Capricorn loves traditional decor with leather sofas and wood cabinetry. Everything is in its place, and every little striking accessory seems to work beautifully. Harmonious and picture-perfect are two words to describe the home decoration of a Capricorn.

Home Decoration Capricorn

Does your zodiac sign match your home decoration preference? Everyone’s personality is different, but astrology can go a long way to portraying you and your home decoration.