5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Home into a Zen Retreat

The world has become quite a busy, stressful place, with less time for us to sit back, relax, and find our inner peace. That’s why you need to create a home retreat that offers a breakaway. Let your home be your sanctuary instead of somewhere you just store your possessions. Here are five ways to transform your home into a Zen retreat.

Invite Nature Inside

Several studies show that nature does our mental and physical health a lot of good. Even staring at a plant while you’re recovering from surgery can speed up the healing process. Therefore, it makes sense to try to include as much nature into your home retreat as you can. While you don’t need to grow trees in your living room, you can add potted plants around your shared spaces, and include natural wood furniture for a calming effect.

Home Retreat Nature

Get Comfortable

If you want to create a home retreat that envelopes you with warmth and welcome every time you return to it, then be selective with your accessories. Opt for homely, comfortable décor such as rugs and cushions, or even consider throws draped over your favourite comfy armchairs. What good is a home retreat if you can’t be comfortable in it?

Home Retreat Comfort

Clear the Clutter

Chaos is not calming, but many of us find ourselves with homes full of clutter that are the true essence of anarchy. It’s time to get ruthless. Invest in smart storage items to add a sense of order, or just get ruthless. Getting rid of a lot of possessions can clear your mind like you wouldn’t believe.

Home Retreat Clutter

Remove the Undesirables

Creating a home retreat is about more than adding stunning new furniture to give your home a new lease on life. It’s also about making sure your home is a positive place to be with good vibes and energy. If you have items you associate with negative experiences, then it will never become the true home retreat you want it to be.

Did your lounge suite come from a friend who’s no longer on your Christmas card list? Is that old lamp from an ex-boyfriend? Get rid of the negative energy by getting rid of the possessions. You can then invite new items into your home that are clear from history and negative associations.

Home Retreat Undesirables

Calming Colors

Believe it or not, colour counts for a lot when you’re redecorating – especially if you are looking to create a home retreat. If you want to create a place of zen, you need to learn about colour psychology and the emotional effect of colours.

What you will quickly discover is that white is a beneficial color to include in your new home retreat. White means purity, neutrality, and a sense of space. It can also mean cleanliness and calm. Then, you can match white with green or blue – both of which represent calmness, clarity, coolness, harmony, and serenity.

What you wouldn’t include in your home retreat, however, are bold colours that represent danger. Red, for example, means intensity, energy, and excitement. While it can add a touch of comfort, it doesn’t tie in with trying to create a stress-free zone. Black, which means power, strength, and authority, is also not a wise color choice. Black has also come to mean evil and death – two things not overly welcome in a calming home retreat!

Home Retreat Colors

Any home can become a zen retreat. It just takes a little research, tact with colours, and high-quality furniture that fits in with your theme. If you want to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then consider turning your house into a cozy retreat.

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