Help Your Guests Relax And Feel Safe With State-Of-The-Art Bedroom Furniture

 sanctuary [sangk-choo-er-ee]

  • a place of refuge or rest, a place where you can feel at peace

If a bedroom is a sanctuary, then the bedroom furniture is the therapist who will make your guests feel safe and secure. Webster defines a sanctuary as a place to rest and find peace – where there are no inhibitions within the walls and where one can feel comfortable knowing that they are protected. This could well describe a hotel, a motel, an apartment complex an even the ever popular bed and breakfast. And within these sanctuaries, lie a more peaceful place for the tired and weary guest – the bedroom.

Creating moments

We, at Casa Suarez believe that a hotel’s room is a sacred space– where an out-of-town customer will feel like he never left his own home and his own bed. An apartment may seem cold and impersonal but we create a warm cozy atmosphere where one can snuggle in a bed with a good book and a mug of café con leche. After a day’s adventure, a vacationing family will definitely want to soothe aching muscles in their favorite inn. Or maybe a couple wanting to go on a second honeymoon in a classy resort, Casa Suarez creates an intimate ambience just like home.

But most of all, it is in the bedroom where a traveller transports himself into the land of nod and have hours of blissful slumber.

Whether the sojourner is asleep or awake, Casa Suarez will maximize the comforts of the elements in the bedroom. Blending them all together in times of intimacy, moments in dreamland or with members of the family will be easy – from sheets to lighting to furniture – everything to make a homey sanctuary complete.

exotic wood furniture


An emphasis on the elements – the bedroom furniture

Casa Suarez gives emphasis on every detail in the bedroom. Our designers choose the right bedding and sheets that match comfort and class. We use the right amount of lighting – not too soft and not too glaring – just right for a calming and invigorating hotel environment. We love to dot the room with photographs and mementos – an added personal touch in a bed and breakfast to put a smile on the guest’s face.

People enjoy doing different things in their own bedrooms and sometimes, when they’re away from home, they still look for the chance to do the same even when they’re staying at an apartment or a hostel. Comfort-creating activities like watching television, playing music or reading a magazine will always be sought after especially in alien conditions. And the bedroom furniture we meticulously handpicked is like the therapist alleviating your visitors’ fears. This is a glimpse of the sanctuary Casa Suarez creates. Your guests will feel right at home.

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