Introducing Our New Furniture Line: Casa Suarez

Today I am pleased to announce some exciting news for Corporate Stays. We will be the only corporate housing company in the industry to introduce our very own furniture line! Starting in December of this year, all of our new apartments will be equipped with our own luxury line of eco-friendly furniture and accessories sourced from India and Indonesia.

Complete Customer Care

The idea for Casa Suarez by Corporate Stays came after we started receiving requests about our furniture. Clients love our style and many have asked us how to purchase the pieces featured in our spaces. We discovered there was a need for custom-made furniture that would meet corporate housing needs in terms of quality and durability, but also in terms of style and design in an industry where inspiring decor is often the last consideration.

In addition to a beautifully unique look, drawing inspiration from both modern designs and the raw natural look of recycled materials, the new Casa Suarez furniture line allows us to offer an even more complete customer experience, through every stage of a relocation.

Developing Casa Suarez Furniture Line

I was able to be personally involved in every step of the creation of this line of furniture. First, we measured every inch of our apartments in order to have the exact size we would need to optimize our spaces at Le V Montreal. Second, we wanted to take into account customer feedback we had received over the years, we wanted to ensure our line was exactly the right fit for Corporate Stays.  For example, the nightstands don’t have drawers because we don’t want our guests to forget personal belongings. Our chairs are made from stainless steel for extra durability, and our desks are made to fit a personal laptop, every decision we made was considered with our customers’ needs in mind.

The future for Casa Suarez by Corporate Stays

Our vision for the future is apartments completely outfitted with our own furniture line. A client who likes the way an apartment looks would be able to buy the entire contents and furnish his or her own home from top to bottom.  This way our clients relocating to one of our cities permanently would be able to save themselves the hassle of finding all the little pieces that they would need to make a home.

All of the apartments furnished with Casa Suarez will be part of our Signature Collection, guaranteed to be up to our exacting standards of quality.

Le V

This winter we are opening several apartments in the brand new luxury tower Le V. This opening represents some of the most upscale apartments we have acquired to date. Corporate Stays was involved in all aspects of the creation of this building. We wanted to make it specifically for extended stays. Once again, we took our guests’ feedback into consideration. The apartments at Le V will feature wide windows, private balconies, gym, steam room, 24/7 concierge, swimming pools, on-site storage for luggage and for replacement items, among many more amenities.

One of the many exciting features of the luxurious new Le V apartments is that they will all be completely furnished in our new Casa Suarez by CorporateStays furniture line.

Casa Suarez by Corporate Stays

  • Purchase Casa Suarez by furniture and accessories at our online boutique.

  • See the newest additions to our line here.

  • Coming soon! Purchase the furniture you love, right from your furnished apartment!

To find out more about Casa Suarez by, or any of our new programs and announcements, give us a call today!

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