Enjoy The Strength And Elegance Of Acacia Wood Furniture

Like a fine wine, Acacia gets better with age. You will see it in every Acacia wood furniture in the market. But wine takes time to master and maybe it is this quality that makes it seem superior than others and stronger than most. Wine when sniffed, gives off a certain royalty. Acacia when stared from a distance gives off the same kind of power. When you see the pleasing grain patterns and unique blend of shades, you will understand how this piece of wood is strong enough to draw you into its fold. This is precisely the reason why this kind of wood furniture would be perfect for hotels, resorts and other places for transient guests.

Its many strengths

6 drawers cabinet Casa Suarez


Time tested and weather weary, the Acacia gets its reputation as being resilient and sturdy. This makes it a reliable construction material with an eye-catching pattern that will be gorgeous for bed and breakfast furniture or apartment floors. Take comfort in knowing that Acacia has a high tolerance for moisture that makes it perfect for spills caused by guests or service staff. Rumoured to being used in biblical times, this piece of wood is known for its longevity. It may outlast most of the furniture pieces in the lobby or veranda.

As to color, the Acacia will look good with a myriad of stain options for used as furniture. A choice of light and dark shades of brown in its grain will create a stunning geometry of color that will catch any vacationer’s eye. Imagine caramel candies, mixed with dark chocolate brownies, chestnuts, walnuts all set on a light khaki placemat. It’s a beautiful monochrome of brown which can be used as the pièce de résistance at the end of the main hallway.

Acacia Coffee Table By Casa Suarez
We cannot help but compare the Acacia to wine. The best grape varieties of Italy, Spain and North America have been transformed into masterpieces of the liquid kind with the adept hands of a vintner. Much the same as the furniture that was made by a skilled craftsman, it too started out as a simple but strong material.

Unparalleled Acacia wood furniture craftsmanship

Casa Suarez is that skilled craftsman. The advances in furniture making technology have made it easier for us to work with Acacia and its many beautiful finishings. One such finishing is the effect that sandblasting gives. It exposes the grain and gives it a unique texture making it appear antique yet modern. This is the kind of visual versatility you won’t find in other kinds of wood allowing it to blend in well with different styles of interior design.

Like fine wine, we take our time to appreciate every sniff, every sip, every flow. Do the same for the Acacia. Take your time when you look at its fine craftsmanship, or its elegant color or its smooth all-around feel when you see it in a resort veranda. Watch how an angle quickly changes its color with just a little bit of ray of light from a hotel lobby chandelier. Feel the texture of each sandblasted pore of Acacia wood furniture. You will then appreciate and realize the value of this masterpiece. There truly is nothing quite like it.