Adding Value to the Family Dinner Experience in Any Home Away from Home

During summer, most vacationers turn their attention to resorts that allow them to spend as much time as possible indoors, making the most of friendly temperatures and contemplating the green lush surroundings. Come September, their preferences start to change at the same pace with the new rhythms and colors of Mother Nature. As the leaves turn yellow, people who are enjoying the warmth and peaceful ambiance of a home away from home decide to spend less time around the patio tables and chairs and stay indoors, where they could invest their time and energy in work-related and social activities.

How to Prepare a Hotel Room for Fall

Oftentimes, this transition stimulates hotel, B&B and resort owners to upgrade their existing décor, and make their indoors more inviting and comfortable by opting for elegant, timeless furnishings that contribute to a perfect home away from home experience during fall and winter. Throughout the cold season, most guests require a few special touches to perceive a hotel or B&B room as cozy and welcoming. A Victorian fireplace, a warm shag rug, big throw, accent or decorative pillows in earthy colors and beautiful custom made wooden furniture are only a few of the elements that make all the difference in the world when it comes to elevating the aesthetic value of any accommodation option, and prepping it for the cooler days ahead.

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Turning Family Dinners into Memorable Get-Togethers During the Cold Season

During summer, any meal of the day can be turned into a fun social gathering without too much effort, considering that the warm weather and lush surroundings oftentimes fuel our playful side. Nonetheless, during fall and winter, most of us need a gentle push to rediscover the pleasure of enjoying a hearty lunch or dinner at home or inside a hotel room, in the company of our loved ones. This is why most hotel, bed & breakfast or hotel owners accommodate this special need by working on their indoor space. Here are a few things that they have in mind when improving the looks and feel of their rooms to turn family dinners into more fulfilling social interactions.

The Dinner Table Is Seen as a Focal Point. Some of the most appreciated rooms are the ones that introduce the dinner table as the focal point of the entire space. Ideally, such a table should be big, sturdy and impressive enough to be seen as an anchor by all family members. All guests attending the dinner should be comfortably seated at the table. A nice wooden table top in natural, rich earthy colors, like the ones introduced by Casa Suarez, may just be the perfect conversation starter encouraging all family members to share their stories, thoughts and dreams while sampling delicious dishes.

Original Décor Elements Help Avoid Unnecessary Distractions. At home, most parents have a hard time trying to convince their youngsters to enjoy lunch or dinner without using their gadgets at the dinner table. In a familiar environment, this may seem like a mission impossible.

However, in a hotel or B&B, eliminating distractions posed by electronics is no longer a difficult task, especially when the new space is packed with exquisite wooden furniture with an original design, or various artworks that command attention. Resort owners can make sure that all their guests are physically and mentally present at the dinner table by simply investing in quality furnishings with a one-of-a-kind story. For instance, a rustic unfinished wood table with an intriguing shape and thin metallic legs with an industrial look will most likely turn heads and attract compliments in any environment, especially when paired with a set of stunning chairs made of reclaimed and recycled teak, oak, redwood or pine. Such exquisite details will always convince all guests to stay seated and eat family-style.

Create the Best Ambiance. Did you know that appropriate storage options can also play an important part in this process? For instance, nice wooden cabinets can accommodate a rustic set of clay pots and bowls that can be used by guests who wish to recreate the perfect family-style lunch or dinner during their stay. Dinner sets made of natural materials can be placed in the middle of the table and be passed around by family members to ensure a pleasant, convivial ambiance. This strategy encourages sharing and sparks conversations at the dinner table.

There are so many beneficial décor changes that resort owners can implement to keep their guests happy, even when temperatures start to decrease and the shades of green that we can admire outdoors become less intense. By investing in quality wooden furniture with timeless appeal, any company can turn the plainest hotel or B&B room into the ideal setting for a truly unforgettable family dinner experience.