Top 5 Home Furniture You Absolutely Need for Moving Season

Moving day already passed by, but moving season is still happening. It’s the time of year where thousands of people uproot their lives and belongings and begin new rental agreements in Quebec. It’s also the time of year when building owners take to their properties with a paintbrush, creating a fresh look for new tenants.

Whether you’re moving into a new place or renovating a home for yourself or a new tenant, we’ve included some “must have” furniture pieces for this moving season.

Furniture You Absolutely Need: Bed

Some people believe they can own the same mattress forever, but they need to be replaced at least every 5-10 years. Over time, dust, dead skin, and other allergens can take up residence in your mattress – making it a danger for those with respiratory illnesses.

Moving season is the prime time to look at replacing your mattress and why not take this opportunity to replace your bed too? It's your chance to give your bedroom an entirely new look!

Moving Season Bed

Furniture You Absolutely Need: Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a key design element in most dining and living spaces, but there can often be a real science when choosing one for your home. Not only does the style matter, but so does the size an material. If your coffee table is too big, it makes your room look small. And, if it’s too small, it won’t match the surrounding furniture.

If you find that your current coffee table seems off in your new home, it might be time to look at replacing it.

Moving Season Coffee Table

Furniture You Absolutely Need: Nightstand

Style matters, especially when it comes to your nightstand. If it doesn’t match your bed or dresser, it can look out of place. However, it can also be one of the last things you consider changing.

If you are moving as part of the moving season, take the time to shop around for nightstands to match a new or existing bed head. You'll see that you can revitalize your bedroom merely by changing the nightstands.  

Furniture You Absolutely Need: TV Units

Previously, a TV unit was just where you place your TV and a few remotes. After all, big-back TVs were cumbersome, and nothing else would fit alongside them. However, with the inception of the flat-screen TV, you can now house more items than ever.

Whether you’re moving to a new home during moving season or adding a bit of life to your existing place, you will find there is an extensive range of tv units available.

Moving Season Tv Unit

Some can tie into themes to suit your existing décor, while others are generic, designed to be more functional than aesthetic. TV units can act as housing for your TV or can be a storage unit to hide away personal items. The options are endless for how versatile and convenient they can be.

Furniture You Absolutely Need: Chairs

Moving season is the perfect excuse to create a new look for a new home. Rather than try to fit your old chairs into a new property, why not sell them and use that money for something that’s more suitable?

You will be impressed by how many options there are available.

Moving Season Chair

Furniture You Absolutely Need: Sofas

If you’ve ever tried to move a lounge suite up a flight of stairs, or even load it onto a moving truck, you will know how chaotic the process is. Sofas are not the lightest pieces of furniture, nor the most forgiving when you’re trying to navigate corners or stairs. Rather than take your old sofa or lounge suite with you, you may find it’s far more beneficial to buy a new one and have someone to deliver it.

Shopping for a new sofa is an exciting experience, and it also offers you the opportunity to create a new home’s look rather than recreate your old one.

Moving Season Sofa

Moving season is here, and while for some people it can be chaotic, it doesn’t have to be. If you mix in the excitement of going shopping for new furniture with our tips on how to become your own home designer, you will find it’s a time of the year that you’ll look forward to.

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