Quality Furniture: The Life Lesson That I’ve Learned in Thailand

A trip to Thailand may sound like the perfect opportunity to contemplate exotic settings, uncover the particularities of the mesmerizing Thai culture, sample delicious street food and recharge your batteries for an entire year. However, every single minute spent in Thailand can also be seen as a fulfilling journey of self-discovery, meant to help travelers question every single aspect of their existence, and eventually get the bigger picture in life.

Setting Real Value, Not Price

As prisoners of the concrete jungle, we rarely afford the luxury to question certain aspects of our daily lives. While we remain excessively focused on work-related to-do lists, we tend to take some of the most important things in our lives for granted-like our bond with family and friends, and the connection with our inanimate objects that are supposed to reflect who we are, what we appreciate and what we stand for.

Thailand has the magical power to make its visitors reappraise the simple things in life. From its much-appreciated workshops organized in the forest to the daily activities taking place in a factory stretching on several city blocks, all these elements based on strong human connections bring visitors one step closer to their roots, and allow them to discover the real value of the luxurious objects that bring color and warmth inside their homes.

Gaining Knowledge of the World Around Us - One Purchase at a Time

Workers wearing blue shirts and face masks are skillfully cutting, sanding, priming, painting and packing some of the pieces that will eventually become a part of one’s interior décor. All these products are a form of art made with love and talent, and reflect a man’s responsibility and care for nature.



Working outside, in a clean soothing environment lit by sunlight, these artists make use of their creativity, amazing skills, know-how and the best raw materials available on their market to tell a compelling story through their labor of love. They are behind the unique traits of coffee tables, headboards and salad bowls that we all know and love for their raw beauty and remarkable sturdiness. These skilled artisans are the makers of never-seen-before furnishings that have the power to add character and charm to any hotel, resort and any other type of holiday accommodation.

Nonetheless, in a world where people assume the role of consumers and almost never take the time to discover the identity of the makers, we are all attracted by bargains and virtually any type of product that is advertised as a good deal.

Instead, maybe worldwide consumers, including companies operating in the hospitality industry, should block this mechanism for a second, and turn their attention to things that are made to last a lifetime, such as the passion of a Thai wood carver for his art, or the wooden furniture that guarantee the comfort and wellbeing of many generations of vacationers.

Casa Suarez offers you the chance to go beyond run-of-the-mill products reflecting the drawbacks of mass production, and discover the remarkable beauty and charm of products that are made by hand by gifted artisans. Hotel, B&B and resort owners can choose from a wide range of quality furniture made of raw, natural materials, rediscover their appreciation for the hands that turned a piece of wood into a form of art, and spend their money wisely on unique pieces that they could never put a price tag on.