3 Ways To Use Solid Wood Furniture In Your Bedroom

With natural wood furniture becoming increasingly more popular among interior designers, it’s understandable that more options are available now than ever before. Every room in your house can be designed around a specific piece, or you can dive right into the trend and go wall to wall natural wood. So for those ready to mix things up in the bedroom, here are 3 ways to use solid wood furniture in your bedroom.

3 Ways To Use Solid Wood Furniture In Your Bedroom: Sideboard

Solid Wood Furniture In Your Bedroom
A boisterous sideboard is a welcome addition to any large bedroom. It offers the practicality of uncompromised storage within its wide frame. Thanks to its size, it also possesses the artistic vision of a raw, natural husk of wood – transforming any simple bedroom into an oasis to which you can escape to. The rich, valiant body of our Live-Edge Sideboard sure to be met with many compliments by visiting guests. While the vintage, Antic Sideboard will have you dreaming of far off lands and adventures yet to be.

3 Ways To Use Solid Wood Furniture In Your Bedroom: Nightstand

Solid Wood Furniture In Your Bedroom

Now size isn’t everything in the world of furniture, and even the smaller pieces need some love! Nightstands are often overlooked as a necessity and often result in a mismatch between a new bed frame, cabinet, side table, or overall room design. Yet in reality, after your bed, the nightstand is the one piece of bedroom furniture you interact with the most!
And we’ve got a wide range of design options to choose from. If your room highlights modern decor, our Hollow Cube nightstand fits the bill. If you’re craving a softer, feminine design, our Indian White Carved Mango nightstand  has you covered. And if you’re going for more of a rustic look that calls back to the 1970s, our Indie Vintage Bedside cabinet is the one for you.

3 Ways To Use Solid Wood Furniture In Your Bedroom: Beds

Solid Wood Furniture In Your Bedroom

Okay, so it goes without saying that the bed is the cornerstone of any bedroom. You spend a third of your life sleeping, and whether it’s through happy or stressful times, your bed will always be where you rest your head. So why not integrate the relaxing, inspiring design of natural wood bed frames into your overall bedroom decor!
With a multitude of design options, you can tailor your bed to the decor that inspires you! Our Indian white carved mango headboard will add a mystical ethnic flair to your bedroom with minimal integration. Just attach the piece and it instantly transforms even the most mundane of rooms. On the other side of the spectrum you will find the Wave Bed. This full bed frame is minimal in design to better compliment other more central pieces within your bedroom. This way you get a great night’s sleep and your bed, while beautiful, does not steal all the thunder.