How To Achieve Boho Chic Design With Bohemian Furniture

It seems that 2017 has declared itself the year of the Boho Chic design. But what exactly is “Boho Chic” and why has it become such a sweeping trend? The truth is Boho Chic has always been somewhat in style, but over the past 5 years has expanded into the fashion and interior design worlds.

“Boho” stands for bohemian – illustratively, it paints a picture of gypsies, hippies, nomads, and artistic types. Free spirits unbound by the modern trends that dominate the current design landscape, focusing on classic designs of past decades and an outlandish aesthetic. “Chic” is a bit more straightforward, referring to a stylish or elegant design that designates class. The combination of the dreaming world traveler and the grounded social climber create a juxtaposition of tastes that combine in just the right way: Boho Chic.

The new Boho Collection by Casa Suarez offers a wide breadth of creative options that will let you explore your own Bohemian/Chic interior design, at your own pace, one piece at a time. Get Boho Chic!

Boho Chic design

Storage space is never pretty, and when it is, it’s often impractical. Our Colourful Chest in Recycled Wood combines convenience and design. Bright colour lines the outer walls of the storage unit, accenting its recycled wood aesthetic. It is perfect for injecting a dose of boho chic aesthetic into a bedroom or living room.


While chairs are often dismissed in terms of interior decor, Case Suarez believes every piece is an opportunity to express your individuality to the world. Our Indie Leather Chairs offer a bohemian pattern cushion seat atop chic black metal legs. Combine elegance and creativity in one for your dining room table or for room decor.

Boho Chic design

Whether your living room lacks character or your dining room needs a bit more storage, our Mayari Sideboard storage and display table fills all needs. Retro metal knobs and handles adorn the vintage inspired wood design. It doesn’t get more boho chic than this.

Boho Chic design

Transport yourself to a dream world with our Mumbai bed, elegantly assembled with high quality recycled wood. The rawness of the recycled wood is expressed in the unique design found in each Mumbai bed. A perfect accent to an already decorated room or a perfect first step towards a new boho chic lifestyle.


If you’re intrigued by the boho chic style but aren’t ready to dive in headfirst or are unsure about purchasing a larger piece, look no further than our Square Patchwork Pouf. Its multi-coloured design will effortlessly draw all eyes in its direction. You can completely flip the script on any room with even a singular pouf, calling out to your inner bohemian in a chic fashion.

With such a breadth of options and ways to reinvent any living space, the ordered chaos of the boho chic aesthetic is an exotic yet familiar way to express yourself. These are but a few of the pieces in our new, extensive selection. So dive into the unknown. Discover the entire Case Suarez Boho Collection now and find yourself in a new world of interior decor!

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