Top 5 Reclaimed Wood Furniture That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

Reclaimed wood furniture  is among the interior decorator’s most effective arsenal. It combines the raw, ethereal elements found in nature and the artist’s keen eye for design . Even a single piece of reclaimed wood stands in staggering contrast among a room’s best. Here are just a few of the most attention-grabbing items you absolutely must have.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 1: The Antic Chest

reclaimed wood furniture 3
Do you have a taste for adventure? Then consider the Antic chest. Made from reclaimed Antic wood, it speaks of a life lived in travel and exploration in the deepest jungles of West Asia. In the realm of reclaimed wood, the chest is a rarer commodity and thus makes for a vivid focal point in any bedroom or living room.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 2: The Antic Cabinet

reclaimed wood furniture 4
Continuing with the theme of recycled wood made of Antic, we look now at the Antic cabinet. Bearing the intricate artistic woodworking designs found exclusively in India, it is an obelisk. Towering high above most of out pieces, the cabinet has a distinct ruggedness that can only be created through exposure to the earth’s harsh elements. This wooden giant will do well in your bedroom, living room, or dining room.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 3: Indonesian Tree Console 

reclaimed wood furniture 2

If it’s something primal you’re looking for, the Indonesian Tree Console is right up your alley. The convoluted body oozes out of the table top, as though it had just spouted out of the ground. Driving ever higher until it comes to a stop at the upper plateau. While it looks majestic indoors, this reclaimed wood table works just as well outdoors.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 4: Acacia Slim Dining Table

reclaimed wood furniture 1
As the largest piece of furniture in a dining room, the dining table speaks volumes. Our Acadia Slim Dining table is without a doubt one of our more elegant pieces. Fusing both traditional woodwork with a modern twist, it is definitely going to start a conversation. Don’t settle for less than the best.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Piece 5: Coffee Table Mango Wood With Metal Wheels

reclaimed wood furniture
Just because you need a coffee table doesn’t mean you should compromise on originality. Take our Coffee Table Mango Wood With Metal Wheels. A callback to vintage railroad trolleys of the late 1800s, it hold it’s own as far as coffee tables go, this piece is an excellent example of how reclaimed wood furniture can match even in contrast to an existing design style. The neutral tones and gritty look make for a table you can’t help but love to look at.