Top 5 Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce

Despite February having a good public image as the “Month of Love” it’s also a month of high divorce rate. It’s a great time to reflect on what’s really important in your life. The people, and things, that you love! So whether you’re treating yourself or you’ve got a special someone in mind, here are the top 5 wood furniture pieces so gorgeous, you will hands down absolutely fight for in the event of a divorce!

Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #1: King Rosewood Bed

Obviously we’re going to start in the bedroom, where it all started and likely ended. Whether it was the source of your marital discrepancies or not, it’s the one piece you’ll want to keep. This stunning piece of Indian Rosewood not only compliments any room, it offers a restful night of sleep. That’s something you will definitely want for yourself in the event that a divorce complicates your life.


Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #2: Puricatione Caotico Floor Lamp

Lighting greatly affects an environment, and psychologists have agreed that light can greatly help with depression. Plus, the Puricatione Caotico floor lamp is a great icebreaker for when you have new people over for the first time. It’s winding branches are unlike any lamp you’ve seen before.


Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #3: Antic Cabinet

Everyone has skeletons in their closet, so go for the Antic Cabinet instead! The worn Antic wood is a comforting reminder that time heals all. It also offers excellent storage while remaining an absolute central piece in any room. The metal detailing will catch everyone’s eye.


Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #4: Zen Cube

Don’t let its size fool you (remember it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you decorate it), this is one of our customers’ favourite pieces. The Zen Cube can fit virtually anywhere, takes very little space, and instantly transforms a room from a solemn bachelor’s pad to a stylish and comfortable home. This small piece lets the world know that you’re in control of your own destiny.


Wood Furniture You Will Fight For In Your Divorce #5: Chandelier Lamp

The rays of light that will shine down from our Chandelier lamp will comfort you after even the longest days. Meant to imitate rays of sun as they peek through the treetops. Only one ceiling lamp can brighten up an entire room, and it looks great while it does it! Just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it can’t be art . 


So this  month, be with the one who makes you happy – even if that someone is you! But always be ready to snag the best pieces from our selection, if you don’t your better half will!

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