In Time for Earth Day: How To Make Your Home Décor Earth-Friendly

Robert Swan, the first man to have ever walked both the North and South poles, once said, that the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. It’s a haunting reality, and one that must inspire a sense of responsibility for us, as a global population, to become more environmentally friendly. With Earth Day just around the corner, there’s no time like the present to become more responsible today.

It is often said that change begins at home, so why not adopt an environmentally-friendly approach to your home décor and furnishings? Here are four ways you can be more conscious of the environment with your choice of home items.

Opt for Environmentally Responsible Furniture

When the time comes to replace some of your prized home pieces – such as a sideboard, a dining room table, or even a bookcase, don’t opt for the cheapest piece you can find. Instead, why not dig a little deeper and find a manufacturer that specializes in social and environmentally responsible furniture?

You don't need to do all of this research yourself! The Forest Stewardship Council monitors how wood is sourced for projects around the world. Wood is that deemed to be sourced in a sustainable fashion is certified as sustainable by the Council; brands that commit to using wood that carries this certification ensure that their customers are receiving a high-quality product at low cost to the environment.

Certified Sustainable

Recycle and Reuse

It is often said that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Don't be afraid to opt for recycled furnishings or buy second-hand goods on your journey to being earth-friendly. Even upcycled furniture, for which there are many tutorials on Youtube, is an opportunity to completely change an old piece into something new and exciting while preventing another item from being added to a landfill.

Another big trend in décor right now is recycled wood. Recycled wood furniture is not simply repurposed furniture, but furniture deliberately crafted from recycled wood, that could have been used for other furniture, or simply as spare wood in a shop. It adds a unique touch to your home while allowing you to help protect the earth.

Recycled Wood TV Stand by Casa Suarez


Use Rugs to Your Advantage

Rugs have many uses in a home, but the most substantial benefits are not as apparent as you may think. Of course, there is a range of beautiful rugs that can add culture and color to any home, but they also serve the purpose of warming up any space. Whether it’s through the perception of color enabling an area to seem warmer, or it covers bare floors to keep your feet warm, you will find that rugs can be beneficial for any home environment.

However, you will also be pleased to know that if you have a rug in your home, you are doing your part for Earth Day, and for your goal of becoming more environmentally-friendly. As rugs can offer a perception of warmth, you may just find yourself becoming less reliant on heating throughout the day. Therefore, you may be able to cut down your family’s energy usage – a win for the environment, and for your pocket.

Boho Aztec Rug by Casa Suarez

Buy Quality Furnishings

When you’re in need of new home décor and furnishings, it’s all too easy to head to your local department store and pick up flat-pack furniture at low prices. However, you may just find that before long, there are cracks, chips, and wobbles that require you to throw that piece out. All of a sudden, that “bargain” has cost you a whole lot of money.

Instead of buying what’s cheap, why not buy goods that are well made and are therefore destined to last the distance? By doing so, you’re cutting down on demand for such products, by choosing pieces that can outlast even you. Do your part for Earth Day by selecting a quality piece of furniture for your home that will look as good as new for many years to come.

Being environmentally-friendly is our responsibility and requirement for living here on earth. While it’s all too easy to believe someone else will clean up our mess, it’s entirely on our shoulders. This Earth Day, set yourself some goals. Buy sustainable furniture, make a more conscious effort to care for the environment, and adopt a more earth-friendly approach to your future purchases.