Casa Suarez

Vulcano Lamp Shade | 42x48x48 cm

: 30011

$110.00 $125.00

This traditional Vulcano Lamp shade, will add more decor to your home. With rattan material, this shade can be used with most lamp bases. Perfectly at home in modern, contemporary, and traditional aesthetics.

Material: Rattan 

Color: Black

Dimension: 42x48x48 cm

  • Suitable for installation on hallway, aisle, bedroom, loft, dining room. Fits many styles of decor including modern, traditional and rustic in kitchen, living room or bedroom.
  • Just place our lamp shade cover above the light, it can be easily decorated at home without worrying about assembly problems.
  • This lamp shade makes your room and bedroom full of warmth and comfort mood. Simple and elegant design, stylish but decorative, and well- designed.

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