Casa Suarez

Casa Suarez TV - Unit | 50x220x40 cm

: 1438A-3


This TV stand helps free up space for set-top boxes, CDs, DVDs, game consoles, projectors, TV components, jewelry, collectibles, photos, or toddler ornaments. Spacious storage space. With a 2-door design, it will provide you with additional storage space.

Material: Madera

Dimensions: 50x220x40 cm

  • Perfect as a TV stand, media storage, and entertainment console.
  • It is appropriate for the living room, bedroom, office, and cafeteria.
  • This TV unit will look great in modern eclectic-toned bedrooms that need the perfect place to hold a TV.
  • Make your living environment more beautiful by keeping your belongings nicely organized.
  • The drawer and shelve are ideal for storing DVD players, CDs, projectors, cable boxes, game consoles, TV components, and decorations, while two drawers give additional storage.

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