Casa Suarez Tick Basket | Set of 4

: 40411

$151.80 $199.00

This storage baskets are ideal for keeping your everyday home life more organized and provide plenty of compact storage space for your home, kid’s toys, or nursery room accessories.

Tick basket Set of 4 made of  Banana leaf & Synthetic







  • A vintage feel with a modern touch these baskets are made from Banana leaf & Synthetic that’s strong, and more durable and resistant than regular wicker storage basket.
  • Charming and stylish these versatile storage organizer bins come in fantastic soft cute colors of brown and white combination.
  • These baskets for storage also feature slim hand holds built both sides of the basket for a seamless look that’s also functional. Perfect for picking up toys or carrying items around the house.
  •  These decorative bins has 4 different sizes which provide plenty of options when you’re storing home goods, hobby supplies, diapers, clothes, classroom storage or arts and crafts.

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