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Teak Bowl Mentawal | 4.5x50x15 cm

: 40037

$26.40 $40.00

A lovely rustic solid teak bowl. So versatile that it can easily be used as a bread or fruit serving tray or displayed alongside living room pieces. They are solid and heavy and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Each bowl is completely individual depending on the nature of the wood, there may be cracks and engravings in places.

Dimension: 4.5x50x15 cm

Material Teakroot

  • Constructed of teak wood with an easy-care, food-safe lacquer finish.
  • Each piece is hand carved by skilled artisans, so no two are exactly alike; in nature, color and shape may vary.
  • Gorgeous wood grain and a unique natural bark edge make them excellent for a wide variety of serving and decorative uses.
  • The beautiful wood grain and colors make them excellent for a wide variety of decorative and serving uses.

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