Casa Suarez

Long Leaf | 7x65x16cm

: 40058

$59.40 $74.00

This vanity key tray in the shape of a leaf with leaves texture looks marvelous with your home decor with elegant style, which can also attract people's attention at first sight.

Dimension: 7x65x16cm

Material: Teak root

  • Created and designed for multiple uses, it would look great as a quirky and lovely key dish for the foyer table, a cradle for raw crystals, a candle display tray, and storage for vanity trinkets on dressers.
  • This leaf-shaped decorative tray features a strong, wear-resistant bottom that is wide and flat in form.
  • This tiny jewellery dish is ideal for tidily arranging your ring, short necklace, bracelets, earrings, and perfume bottles. It can also be used as a key holder, soap dish, and other things.
  • This compact trinket dish can be used on counter tops, vanities in bathrooms, dining tables, and kitchens. Additionally fantastic as a cake, dessert, or small fruit display at different banquets.

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