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Jute Basket (Black and Natural)

: CS-VL-01

$58.00 $69.00

This Jute basket features a sleek and charming minimalist farmhouse design, making it an ideal choice for both storage and decoration in various rooms of your home. Whether it's your living room, entryway, home gym, kid's room, bedroom, bathroom, nursery room, or playroom, this basket fits seamlessly into any setting.

Material: Jute


  • Diameter: 12 cm
  • High: 14 cm

Country of Origin : India

AFFORDABLE MATERIAL - Jute is widely recognized for its sturdy nature, but it does come at a higher price compared to regular cotton rope. However, our special manufacturing process ensures that the jute storage basket is easier to stand and more long-lasting than a basket made of cotton rope. Keep in mind that the basket may need some time to regain its shape after being shipped flat, but it will eventually stand on its own.

VERSATILE IN ANY SEASON - Jute fibers undergo a special treatment with oil to enhance their resistance to moisture and various weather conditions. These threads remain strong even when exposed to water, rain, wind, sun, or snow.

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS - Our beautifully woven baskets are crafted from jute rope and cotton rope, both of which are environmentally friendly materials. They are free from any unpleasant odors and will provide your home with a cozy and secure atmosphere.

PERFECT GIFT OPTION - This jute basket is thoughtfully designed with convenient handles on both sides, making it easy to pick up and carry. The sturdy construction of the basket allows it to stand independently and maintain its shape beautifully. In addition to its excellent craftsmanship, this decorative basket doubles as an excellent choice for presenting gifts on special occasions such as baby showers, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, housewarmings, or Christmas. It's a versatile and charming option that is sure to be appreciated.

VERSATILE STORAGE SOLUTION - Our spacious jute basket is perfect for keeping a variety of items organized. It's ideal for storing laundry essentials like jeans, shirts, or blankets in your laundry room. You can also use it to hold magazines, toilet paper, or bath towels in your bathroom. Additionally, it works well as a stylish container for plants or decorative items in any area of your home. It can even serve as a convenient toy basket for nurseries or playrooms, or as a handy storage solution for gardening tools in your yard.

The possibilities are endless! Take a look at our photos to discover multiple uses and get inspired with creative ideas.


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