Casa Suarez

Display Cabinet | 180x58x42 cm

SKU: 10019765


If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you'll want beautiful natural woodwork that you enjoy looking at and that complements the theme of your home.

Material: Madera

Dimension: 180x58x42 cm

  • It is made of solid engineered hardwood and veneered with a natural painted finish.
  • This farmhouse-style kitchen storage cabinet is ideal for living room, kitchen, or dining room storage.
  • This kitchen cabinet's multiple shelves will provide you with plenty of space to store your dishes, cookbooks, pots, pans, and dry goods.
  • The drawer option is best for storing cutlery items like spoons, forks, or knives.
  • With a drawer and storage cabinet, there is plenty of room for plates, bottles, utensils, napkins, and other decorations in addition to canned and dry goods.
  • This exquisite pantry cabinet transforms into a useful center piece in any area, bringing charm as well as storage capacity.

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