Casa Suarez

Casa Suarez Dining Table Gruesa | 76x180x100 cm

: 10024347


This large dining table has a stylish, functional design and an appealing vintage appearance. This dining table has thick wooden legs that add to its stability and prevent it from shaking.

Material : Madera

Dimension: 76x180x100 cm

  • This wooden dining table will fit perfectly in the living, dining or kitchen room, creating an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.
  • This dining table is made of high-quality engineered wood, which ensures its sturdiness and durability for long-term use.
  • This dining table's versatility allows it to serve as a workstation, conference table, study desk, and other uses as well.
  • The table's basic and beautiful design allows it to blend in with any decor. It is appropriate for the kitchen, dining room, living room, and office.
  • It provides lots of space for setting out dishes, ornamental plants, salads, desserts, and other items.
  • Your family and friends can have a joyful meal together at this large table.

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