Casa Suarez

Casa Suarez - Candy Bowl Teak | 3 Sizes Available

: 40061/1

$48.40 $89.00

Delicately carved teak bowl, carved using the natural shape that teak has given it to produce a magnificent solid and abstract final result. Due to the nature of the wood, each carving will be different and the black color adds more beauty.

Color: Black

Material: Teak 


Small -10 x Dia. 30 cm

Medium -14 x Dia. 40 cm

Big - 16 x Dia. 50 cm

UNIQUE STYLE: This Black teak bowl is very beautiful and unique in design. This can add more beauty to your home and decoration.

Durable: Teak is famous for its extreme durability. Luxury homes, outdoor furniture, and even high-end boats are built from it. This bowl is heavy, made to last a lifetime in the kitchen, and can become a family heirloom.

VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Rare for wood, teak is versatile enough to handle extreme hot and cold temperatures. This bowl has a food-safe natural finish, is extremely waterproof and can withstand daily use.

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