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Buddha Head on Stand with Shine | 2 Sizes Available

SKU: 51102/2

$44.00 $69.00

If you're searching for a stunning and high-quality Buddha Head sculpture to decorate your desk, shelf, or home office desk, you've found it! conveys harmony, inner peace, mindfulness, and meditation.

Color: Natural Grey

Material: Polyresin


Small - 75x45x16 cm 

Big - 35x22x10 cm

  • This captivating figurine, handcrafted to perfection, is an ideal addition to your meditation altar, yoga room, office desk, or outdoor Zen garden.
  • The Buddha Head Statue is the ideal gift for anyone looking to find inner harmony and peace because it is a timeless representation of calm and peace.
  • This bust of the Buddha in deep meditation will bring a calming and soothing influence to your office or home.
  • Put it in your living room, meditation altar, yoga room, or garden to create a calming and peaceful Zen environment.

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