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Bowl Salad Rainbow | 12x40 cm

: 40311

$85.80 $99.00

Bowl Salad Rainbow bowl has a distinctive texture and, as a whole, is exquisite and elegant. Each serving bowl has a different wood pattern, adding a touch of nature to your house.

Dimensions:12cm alto 40cm ancho

Material: Wood

  • Such bowls to decorate your home by putting potpourri or miniature plants on display.
  • serving nuts, sauces, dip, dessert, and candy. A lovely set of wooden bowls will make a lasting impression on your guests.
  • Use at home or give as a useful and stylish housewarming gift. Stunning wooden bowls that they can use for a long time should be a surprise for your loved ones.
  • Crafted from premium wood that is eco-friendly and natural, strong and stable, resistant to wear, and long-lasting.
  • Ideal for serving a family-sized portion. The bowl can carry a significant amount of larger salad, soup, side dish, ramen or pho, fruit, or cereal.

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