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Bowl Bakar with Acrylic Finishing | 3 Sizes Available

: 40055/1

$68.20 $99.00

Delicately carved teak root bowl, carved using the natural shape that the teak root has given to produce a magnificent solid and abstract final result. Due to the nature of wood, each carving will be different, be it the grain, color, or general shape, so each one is unique.


Small - 10 x Dia. 30 cm
Medium - 14 x Dia. 40 cm
Big - 20 x Dia. 60 cm

Material: Teakroot

UNIQUE STYLE: This teak bowl is very beautiful and unique in design. This can add more beauty to your home and decoration.

Durable: Teak is famous for its extreme durability. Luxury homes, outdoor furniture, and even high-end boats are built from it. This bowl is heavy, made to last a lifetime in the kitchen, and can become a family heirloom.

VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Rare for wood, teak is versatile enough to handle extreme hot and cold temperatures. This bowl has a food-safe natural finish, is extremely waterproof and can withstand daily use.

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