Corporate Housing Interior Solutions - Turnkey Solutions

Casa Suarez is proud to offer turnkey solutions to our corporate partners.

Years of experience furnishing corporate housing units have shown us the value of using quality furniture. This is why we only use furniture built from reliable materials, and crafted by skilled hands. Feedback from years of furnishing corporate housing units have allowed us to develop styles that are pleasing, but never bland.

Casa Suarez can optimize your space with an artistic and modern touch. We create spaces that immediately feel like home; both functional and comfortable. Let your clients walk into a fully equipped unit, complete with furniture, decor accessories, and small appliances.

We offer modern and unique furniture pieces specifically designed for corporate housing, which are compatible with a wide array of styles. After assessing your needs, we will take care of the design, management, delivery, and installation of all furnishings.

Different packages are available based on the scale and timeline of your project. Get in touch with us today and find out how Casa Suarez can add value to your property!

Just looking to show an example of your units? Explore our model unit services! 



Casa Suarez Corporate Housing Solutions