Casa Suarez showroom in Panama


Casa Suarez is a part of the Corporate Stays family.

After years of providing fully-furnished luxury apartments, Founder and CEO, Vladimir Suarez, developed an eye and passion for interior design. It simultaneously became rapidly apparent that Corporate Stays needed a reliable supplier that could guarantee the level of quality required for furnishing their 1200 apartments across Canada. Furthermore, Corporate Stays wanted the decor of their apartments to reflect the international experiences of their guests.

By launching their own furniture store, Corporate Stays would have complete control over their furniture supply; they could assure the highest level of quality while benefiting from wholesale prices, buying in bulk.

Casa Suarez launched online in 2016; a store opened in Panama City in October 2016. In less than a year, the success of the brand led Casa Suarez to open a second store in Montreal, Canada in July 2017. Further to this, an improved online store was launched in October 2017 to further accommodate the growing success of Casa Suarez.

Casa Suarez initially emerged as a reliable partner for corporate housing projects and continues to provide furnishing services for corporate housing providers, as well as interior design services for individuals. As of 2018, Casa Suarez is a proud Associate Member of Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA). 

As we continue to grow, we continue to seek out the best quality pieces for our customers, adding to our collection, and allowing individuals to bring home a piece of the world.