Reasons Why Throw Pillows are a Great Idea for Your Home

Throw cushions have been commonplace in homes throughout the world for hundreds, if not thousands of years. In recent years, however, their popularity has been on the decline. Many people are opting for more “functional” items for their home, not realizing that decorative cushions, or throw pillows, are anything but just decorative. Cushions have, and always will be, functional, and here’s why.


In homes built today, it’s challenging to try and incorporate a sense of charm. Given that contemporary living is often about neutral hues and sharp lines, it becomes a mission to try and establish any eclectic mix of charm and contemporary styling.

Throw pillows can help you achieve just that. When you add just three or four throw pillows to your day sofa in the sun or a sizeable textured cushion to grandma’s old chair you’ve kept, you’re adding exceptional charm. What’s more, there are so many options to choose from, ensuring that you can keep the same color themes, while adding a new element in your home.

Health Benefits

Those who say that decorative cushions serve no purpose aren’t aware of the health benefits. At least 80 percent of Americans will, at some stage, experience back pain. While a trip to the doctor or chiropractor is obviously in order, a throw pillow can add spinal support where you need it the most. Just relax on the couch, give your spine back its natural curvature with a cushion, and experience temporary relief while you wait for that appointment.

Namastay in Bed Cushion by Casa Suarez


When you decide to buy throw pillows for your home, prepare to experience unparalleled feelings of happiness. Not only will the cushions provide comfort when you sit or lie on them, but even to enter a room and see a sterile beige sofa adorned with vibrant cushions can change the entire environment of the room. A once cold space can all of a sudden feel comfortable, friendly, and welcoming.

What’s more, just sitting on your couch watching TV can take on a different feel when soft cushions surround you. You can squeeze them, cuddle them, surround yourself with them, and just enjoy the luxurious feeling of the high-quality material.

Cost-effective Home Decoration

As you are probably aware, renovating your home is a costly experience. Paint, carpet, and even new rugs can empty your bank account almost immediately, but often an upgrade is necessary. What if you could give your home a new lease on life without having to go to all that expense? Throw cushions, and even new home décor, when appropriately balanced, can completely transform your space.

Add new throw cushions to previously standard looking wood furniture, add three large cushions to your bed, and even consider upgrading your bay window seat with more plump decorative cushions. Before you know it, your entire home has been transformed without spending thousands of dollars on upgrades.

Hello Cushion by Casa Suarez

Throw pillows can add exceptional amounts of style and charm to any home, not to mention comfort. If you want your house to be both functional and comfortable, consider picking up a few throw pillows for yourself.