Back to School Decor Tips for Children of All Ages

As the last days of summer wind down, families are preparing for the infamous back to school season. This means new clothes, books, and other supplies. For many, it also means that it is time to evaluate whether they have an appropriate study space in their home.

A “proper” study space does not necessarily mean the same thing at every age. Nor does creating one need to be a complicated or expensive measure. This is why we have put together our top decor tips for Back to School at all ages. Read on to find out how to create an effective study space, for learners at all stages of school.

Back to School Decor Tips: Early Learners

For our earliest learners, it is not necessarily “back to school” season as much as “to school” season. As with any big change in a child’s life, starting school can present some uncertainty. Prepare your child for their upcoming adventure by creating a fun learning space at home.

Having a large space for reading picture books and working with learning games is a must. A fun rug creates a comfortable space on the floor to read and play. Having a comfortable reading chair is important. However, many chairs are simply too large for young children. Instead, use a colourful Patchwork Poufs as a fun seat for reading. As a bonus, it is an excellent place to lead a small group reading!

Finally, after all that fun, it is clean-up time! Keep the fun with a storage space that complements your learning theme. This Alphabet Cabinet is the perfect addition, with the bonus of having a reminder of the alphabet in full, tasteful, view.

Back to School Decor Tips: Elementary School

As students move along in school, their study space should also progress. Children heading back to school in elementary often still need help with their homework. And while you may be very proud of the work that your child put into their Science Fair project, you are going to want somewhere to keep it. Having additional storage space on hand is a must, but it can also be tasteful. The Zen Large Sideboard is a classic wood design. You will be able to keep the storage space as your child progresses through the years.

Back to School Decor Tips: High School

As students get older, they require more quiet, independent space in which to work. Some start doing homework in their bedrooms or in a quiet corner of their living space. Whatever space they have, what is important is that they are able to properly focus.

This is the ideal age to find a really good desk. The Metric Desk features ample workspace with two side drawers to keep materials nearby, without causing clutter. The elegant wood complemented by the sleek metal accents make this a desk a workspace that will grow up with your child.

Back to School Decor Tips: The University Student

For many university students, “back to school” means going away for school. Dorm room decor can be a challenge. There is limited space and tighter rules on how the room can be changed. However,  with some small, but important, items, you can transform a new, rigid, dorm room into a welcoming study space.

Some fun cushions can transform even the dullest dorm room into a cozy home away from home. The Dance All Night / Sleep All Day cushion is the perfect accent for the less academic parts of the back to school season. With half of the cute slogan on each side, this cushion looks great by itself or in a pair. And with the smart black and white design, it strikes the right balance between playful and grown-up, just like your favourite university student.

Cute accessions can also bring a touch of zen to the hectic life in dorms. Small decor items can act simultaneously as paperweights and as calming figures. There is not a lot of personal space in a dorm room, but even having a small Buddha head on a desk or bookshelf can personalize your space. Our Golden Bird is a perfect example. This chubby little bird complements any type of decor. It is sophisticated in design, while still being rather cute.


Of course, the best back to school decor tip for anyone is to assess what fits your family’s space, and lifestyle, the best. Different children need different things to help them excel in school, and no understands their needs like you. Maybe it’s a splash of colour, the perfect accessory, or the right piece of furniture. It all depends on the student. Explore the Casa Suarez collection today to find the ideal piece for your study space!