Gigantic Antique Brass Kiko Frame


Our Gigantic Brass Kiko Frames are beautifully handmade from brass and finished with a rich antique look. The solid brass frame combines perfectly with the glass interior providing the perfect backdrop for all forms of artwork from photographs and keepsakes to sketches and montages. Each one is hung with a brass chain.

Primary material: Brass
Secondary material: Glass



Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 1cm

Weight: 2.44kg

Rectangle Portrait

Dimensions:50 x 35 x 1cm

Weight: 3.32kg

Rectangle Landscape

Dimensions: 35 x 50 x 1cm

Weight: 3.3kg

Long Portrait

Dimensions: 48.5 x 22 x 1cm

Weight: 2.08kg

Long Landscape

Dimensions: 22 x 48.5 x 1cm

Weight: 2.08kg

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