3 Easy Tips to Decorate Your Home for Christmas!

Christmas is here! 

For most of us this year this means staying at home during the holiday season. However, staying home during Christmas doesn’t mean that we can’t make it an unforgettable day - full of warmth and joy.

That's why we want to share three simple tips to help you decorate your home this holiday season.

Wood + Green: A Must!

Green is a classic when it comes to Christmas decoration.We love to use garlands to accentuate details such as fireplace mantels, dining tables, door frames or even a staircase. 

Pro Tip: Your garland doesn’t have to be in the traditional pine. Any local plant can make for a beautiful alternative! Try using eucalyptus, magnolia, or palm tree leaves. You can also sprinkle flowers or dried slices of seasonal fruit, such as citrus, to add color and aroma.

Create centerpieces by filling a decorative bowl full of vibrant pineapples or pomegranates, or make your own bouquet with more local greenery.
You can also add shiny glass ornaments along with sustainable mango wood decorations, to give it a more festive and welcoming touch.


Still don´t have a Christmas Tree yet? Let´s create a new version!

If you haven't yet decided to have a Christmas Tree at home, it's not too late to do it now. In fact, you could put aside the traditional tree and replace it with a live tree which you can plant outside after the holiday season!

Another option can be to invest in a large houseplant and decorate it. Imagine the possibilities!


Create a Cozy & Welcoming Atmosphere

Spread candles and table lamps strategically throughout the house to create the perfect warm and pleasant atmosphere. Candles of different sizes and styles are our weakness: we can never have enough!

Add things around the house that bring people together. Take out the oversized blankets and some textured cushions. Don't forget to decorate the kitchen. Garlands work there too.

Did you find a little inspiration? See what you have at home and what you’re missing to create the perfect space this holiday season. 

You can count on us if you dare to give a new flair to your home decor for this time of year.

Put on some Christmas music and forget about how strange this year has been, at least for one night.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season from the Casa Suarez family!